Tuesday, July 30, 2013

5 Time Saving Quickbooks Features

Many of our nonprofit clients used Quickbooks.   This blog post from K2 Enterprises lists 5 great Quickbooks features that you might not be aware of.   These 3 will be especially helpful to nonprofits.

1. Nonprofits often use the class feature to track grant expenditures or expenditures related to a specific program.   If you need to reclassify a group of expenses from one class to another, you don't have to select each individual expense.  The blog shows you how to use Client Data Review to reclass the group of expenses all at once.

2.  Nonprofits will have additional reporting requirements and will frequently export Quickbooks information to Excel and then work with the information to produce a report.   Quickbooks Statement Writer lets you set up the report in Excel and then update the information from Quickbooks without having to recreate the report everytime.

3.  Some nonprofits have a related entity.   This means they have two company files on Quickbooks.  The blog shows you how Quickbooks will let you open two company files simultaneously.