Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Participate in The NonProfit Times 2011 Nonprofit Organizations Salary and Benefits Survey

One of the procedures of a strong compensation policy is to annual compare salaries to similar organizations. This notice from our friends at PANO can help you do that:

Get a FREE Executive Summary and a chance to win $500 for your organization. All organizations who participate in the survey will receive a FREE executive summary of the results and will be able to purchase the full report at a 50% discount. In addition, any organizations that complete the survey by May 23, 2011 will be entered to win a $500 donation for their organization or organization of their choice!

Link to the NonProfit Times page describing more about the survey, benefits of participating and answers some FAQs: http://www.nptimes.com/salary/survey/
Link to the actual survey tool for when the user is ready to start the survey: http://www.bluewatersalarysurveys.com/NPT2011Survey/Pages/SignIn.aspx